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Princeware Storage Container Set-63 Pcs for Rs.1,349

Submitted by Nisha Johnson on Wednesday, 22 August 2012
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Overview of the deal:

Product Name: Princeware Storage Container Set-63 Pcs

Deal Submitted by: Nisha Johnson

Deal Date: Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Best Price: Rs.1,349

Seller: superdeals.homeshop18.com

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Princeware Storage Container Set-63 Pcs Overview
Key Features:
100% Airtight Lockage
Space Efficient
Microwave Safe
Freezer Safe
Stackable & Nestable
Dishwasher Safe
This is a set of 63 Piece Retangular & Round containers ideal for storing snacks or spices in the kitchen. These containers are air-tight so that their contents stay fresh for a longer period of time. The containers are made of food grade Polypropelene Plastic so that they do not contaminate the food items inside. Also,they are transparent so it’s easy for you to see what’s inside. These containers sport a modular design so that they can be easily stacked one above the other. what’s more,they are microwave,freezer and dishwasher safe.

Brand :    Princeware
Type :    Plastic Containers
Additional Features:
Product Material:    100% Polypropylene
Colour of the Product:    Transparent Body & Blue Lid
Product Capacity & Weight :
Cylindrical Canister:250 ml,475 ml, 800 ml, 1400 ml, 2350 ml, 4050 ml, 7000 ml.
Bowls: 250 ml, 460 ml, 760 ml, 1440 ml, 2450 ml.
Rectangle Container: 475 ml, 725 ml, 1150 ml, 4600 ml.
Round Container: 100 ml, 225 ml, 375 ml, 650 ml, 1125 ml.
Weight (Net):Approx.11.7 Kgs.
Weight (Gross):Approx.12 Kgs.
Package Content :
21 Piece Cylindrical Canister
5 Piece Bowls with Lid
14 Piece Rectangle Containers
9 Piece Square Container
14 Piece Round Container
Special Features:
Complete Travelling Set: The containers can be utilized for carrying gravy items, rice, dals etc while you are travelling.

Food Lasts Longer: As the containers are airtight, the food would last longer.Especially great during summers & rainy season when the food gets spoilt, stale or soggy easily.

Have Warm Food: The set comprises of airtight, leak-proof and microwave safe containers made from food grade plastic, so the food can be taken out directly from the refrigerator and heated before its consumed.

Storage: These containers are specially designed to take care of your storage requirements as they are nestable and stackable – one into another.

Princeware Storage Container Set-63 Pcs
Price: Rs. 1,349

Buy : Princeware Storage Container Set-63 Pcs for Rs.1,349

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